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What is Batiba Guwiyal?

Batiba Guwiyal are Dunghutti words meaning to 'Extinguish the Flame'. In late 2014, Murawin made a decision to revisit and contribute to efforts being made across the country to reduce the impacts of sexual assault on Indigenous children (and its adult survivors).


Batiba Guwiyal National Conference

As a first step Murawin organised a national conference to bring together policy makers, service providers, community members and people of influence to share ideas, inspire and encourage continued and specific actions.

Conference Location: Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre

When: 29 February - 2 March 2016




Batiba Guwiyal is now also an Incorporated Association established to address issues of child sexual assault in Indigenous communities. 

In 2018 Murawin are contributing to the Batiba Dreaming initiative in which families, children and young people, who have been impacted by sexual assault (either directly or indirectly) will receive a selection of the following to dream of a future beyond their circumstances:

  • Bookshelves
  • Selection of Books
  • Bean Bags
  • Audio Books
  • Educational Toys
  • Study Desks
  • Computers, Printers, Electronic Tablets
  • Educational Contributions