Murawin is a Dunghutti word meaning “to be educated” which is the underlying ethos that inspires the business to learn, grow and provide clients with professional and creative solutions that are culturally appropriate, relevant and agile. Our core values of inclusiveness, ongoing learning, cultural respect and empowerment are critical elements that contribute to Building Futures and Breaking Cycles that perpetuate disadvantage.



Story telling is pivotal to Indigenous Australia. It is through stories that culture and heritage is maintained, and each of Murawin’s logos tells a story.

At the heart of Murawin logos is the Praying Mantis, the totem of the Dunghutti people of NSW, contained in each of Murawin’s service products.



Murawin believes that symbolism is important in depicting its identity as an Australian business celebrating the richness and diversity of Indigenous and non-Indigenous heritage and culture.

The hope is that by using symbolism people will be inspired to enquire about the stories underpinning Murawin’s business charter of Breaking Cycles and Building Futures and contributing to Closing the Gap on disadvantage and improving outcomes for Australia’s First Nations peoples.



The Game Enough logo is deliberately Black and White, symbolising the coming together of Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples to share in the culinary enjoyments of diverse traditions.