We are a specialist inter-cultural consultation and facilitation business that collaborates with our clients to develop culturally appropriate responses and innovative solutions.


At Murawin we have a passion for strengthening cultural competencies and professional capabilities . Our core values of inclusiveness, cultural safety and  respect underpin every aspect of our work. Our people consist of a talented team of Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal professionals who bring an extensive range of experiences in policy development, project management, evaluation, social research and stakeholder engagement across a myriad of areas including Aboriginal Affairs, Child Protection, Disabilities, Health, Education, Justice and Urban Design sectors.

We are passionate about breaking cycles that perpetuates disadvantage. Our team works across numerous portfolio areas and locations with our clients to engage, challenge and assist groups journey towards action to developing practical responses to their ‘wicked’ problems. We are committed to closing the gap on Indigenous disadvantage and facilitating opportunities that strive for economic and social empowerment.


Our services

  • Process and Group Facilitation

  • Stakeholder Engagement and Intercultural Communication

  • Indigenous Strategy and Design

  • Indigenous Evaluation and Social Research

  • Corporate Governance

  • Cultural Capability Training

  • RAP Acceleration

  • Mentoring

  • Leadership Development

  • Organisational Development and Business Consulting


We are committed to ‘strengths based’ models of collaboration and inquiry to ensure that we achieve significant engagement and contribution by all. Our facilitation services draw on a variety of practical facilitation methods to guide those we work with to move through the process. Our Principal Consultant, Carol Vale is a Certified Professional Facilitator with the International Association of Facilitators and has a reputation for facilitating strategically and draws on a deep appreciation for open collaboration, the creation of a culturally safe environment that supports challenging conversations and a profound ability to provide unique and insightful direction. Collectively our team encourages participation - resulting in optimal idea generation and ensures that everyone is heard and contribution by all is supported. Members of our team are also active members of the Australian Facilitators Network.

Stakeholder Engagement and Intercultural Consultation

We understand that successful stakeholder engagement and community engagement is critical to business success regardless of sector. Navigating the complexity of Indigenous Australian communities is our specialty. We understand that engaging successful with Indigenous communities requires an appreciation of cultural competencies and social dynamics of communities. We understand that successful stakeholder engagement and community consultation involves leadership and is a deliberate and negotiated process, not just based on providing information. We have facilitated community engagement events based on aspirations and priorities within an Indigenous framework built on self-determination.

Indigenous Strategy and Design

Murawin is highly skilled in assisting clients with the interpretation and integration of Aboriginal cultural values, principles, perspectives and aspiration into place-making. The growing Indigenous voice in placemaking is being expressed by weaving natural forms and Aboriginal cultural identity into the built environments. Through understanding the cultural landscape of a place and utilising Aboriginal design principles in the design phases of urban or infrastructure development projects, Murawin is able to assist clients to insert new perspectives into the planning and building processes.

Indigenous Evaluation and Social Research


We develop evaluation processes that are robust and value different ‘ways of knowing and being’. Our team are experts in working with Indigenous communities in the field of participatory action research and evaluation.

The Murawin team has worked across Australia and appreciates the unique process for undertaking evaluations in Indigenous communities. We recognise that trust and respect are the cornerstones of effective working relationships and we place emphasis on participation of local community researchers in evaluation and research in their communities. 

Corporate governance

The Murawin team has extensive experience in developing and implementing public policy across corporate, government and non-government sectors. Murawin Consulting provides a variety of developmental support services in Aboriginal community and  corporate governance, including strategic advice, training for Board members, and running effective meetings. We provide Corporate Governance support to community and the not for profit sectors. Our consultants have been trained by the Governance Institute of Australia.

Cultural Capability Training


The Hands of Time Cultural Capability and Professional Learning Workshops are tailored to our clients needs and create safe environments that encourages participants to explore the challenges to successful service delivery and consumer engagement in Indigenous communities. The workshops assist participants to locate their practice on a cultural competency spectrum and identify actions necessary for movement towards cultural proficiency. Participation in the Hands of Time Workshops will build the capabilities of staff to work within diverse teams, with colleagues from different perspectives and from various cultural and linguistic backgrounds. Navigating workplace complexities is challenging and demands creativity, insight, and understanding of reality. The current political context of ‘Closing the Gap’ provides the platform for organisations to break the cycles of disadvantage and provide opportunities that build the socioeconomic capacity of Aboriginal communities.

Workshop objectives

  • Provide a greater understanding of the historical, political, economic and social issues impacting on Aboriginal people and communities

  • Increase capacity to engage and work more effectively and strategically with Aboriginal stakeholders

  • Identify processes to overcome challenges to service delivery and stakeholder engagement

  • Strive for positive changes in participant knowledge and attitudes

Workshop Presenter

As the main presenter for the Hands of Time workshops, Carol’s lived professional and personal experiences of growing up on an Aboriginal mission in northern NSW, where she maintains a strong connection to country and the experiences of her career in several State and Commonwealth governments as a senior manager and having to ‘walk between the two worlds’, brings to the workshop immense knowledge and insight.

She has a deep understanding of issues underpinning Indigenous disadvantage and has been at the interface of working across the complexities of government policy development and community engagement for many years. Her cultural and professional insights into working with the reality of communities and providing spaces for others to unearth the wisdom in their stories, has seen profound shifts in enhancing workforce capabilities, improving individual and organisational performance.

RAP Acceleration

The Murawin Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) Acceleration Service aims to provide a catalyst for attaining positive outcomes by shedding light on new possibilities and pathways. Our service works with groups of all shapes and sizes to engage stakeholders through collaborative, facilitated processes that enhance relationships to achieve successful results. At Murawin, we are genuine about supporting Reconciliation Australia’s Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) campaign. The Reconciliation Australia's RAP campaign outlines practical actions that organisations can take to build strong relationships with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and other Australians.

Our focus in on:

  1. Navigating Indigenous diversity - Navigating workplace complexities demands creativity, insight and understanding of reality. The urgency to Close the Gap provides the platform for organisations to break the cycles of disadvantage and provide opportunities that aim to build the socioeconomic capacity of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities. Our service offers participants the opportunity to reflect on their business and their work performance and practices through a theoretical framework of workplace applied learning using ‘real-time’ work related issues.

  2. Leadership development - A key component of Murawin's RAP Acceleration Service is to enhance the adaptive leadership skills of key personnel in the organisation. Our Leadership Development program consist of eight modules that focus on improving Indigenous outcomes and partnering with others in the organisation to tackle the issues that they feel most passionate about, as well as addressing challenges facing their organisation, and to confront problems in their local communities.

  3. Community engagement - We assist you in engaging effectively with your local Aboriginal community. Our Principal Consultant, Carol Vale, is a Certified Professional Facilitator and is a member of the International Association of Facilitators and the Australian Facilitators Network. She has trained in a variety of facilitation techniques that assists clients to explore ways to engage stakeholders with multiple perspectives and diverse interests to create solutions to complex problems.

  4. Cultural Awareness - We provide participants with access to the Hands of Time Cultural Capability and Professional Learning Workshop. Through this workshop we are able to create safe learning environments that encourage participants to explore the challenges blocking their paths to successful service delivery and consumer engagement.

Example of a RAP developed by one of our clients who engaged Murawin to assist them in development of their first RAP.

Example of an Aboriginal Cultural Protocols document developed by Murawin for Coffs Harbour City Council, 2019.



The Murawin Mentoring and Professional Coaching Service is a structured process that is built on the foundation of two way learning.

The benefits of mentoring and coaching can significantly improve personal and professional wellbeing. Our program seeks to foster a culture where the sharing of stories, wisdom, and knowledge is the ‘norm’. It is an opportunity to share skills and experiences, and to grow and develop in the process. It is based upon respect, encouragement, constructive comments and feedback, mutual trust and a willingness to learn and share.

Service components:

  • Culturally safe dialogue

  • Exploration of professional stories and identification of new pathways

  • Consideration of workplace problems and possible solutions

  • Action planning

  • Professional growth

  • Improving workplace performance

Learn more about our Mentoring Services.

Leadership Development


Our Leadership Training is customised and tailored to meet the needs of our clients. Contact us today to find out how we can help your organisation.

What Participants are saying:

"It was awesome - the trainers provided basic, simple, related practice tips to get more out of our clients" Anonymous

"Being part of the training provided a timely refresher and I was left positive and hopeful about using those strategies with clients as well as in my personal life" Anonymous

"Megan and Carol have great skill in connecting with staff and encouraging active participation of all team members. Training was relevant and practical for the client group that we engage with and the varying skill levels of our program staff. The team is buzzing with suggestions about how we can integrate the new information and strategies into our current complex case review sessions and case management practices. What was to be two days of training, ended up being much more about team building for us. There is a renewed drive and sense of passion in my RAI team. Thank you very much for your inspiration" Kylie, Australian Red Cross

"The training provided an opportunity to really connect as a team and consider our practices and look at ways to continually improve what we do and how we do it for best outcomes for families and the service. It also created a real buzz and energy within the team" Lyn, Australian Red Cross

We believe in providing a culturally safe and inclusive environment where people can explore complex and challenging issues impacting on progressing change.


"I wanted to say a huge thank you for Wednesday. It really was an excellent day, so many people have commented on the day and are committed to seeing change. Carol and Joy did a great job facilitating the groups...Carols facilitation skills provided thought provoking discussions and guided and managed groups around the issues." Angela Webb, Manager Aboriginal Employment, Sydney Trains