Murawin Attends 2018 Global Summit of Women

Last week, Murawin Managing Director Carol Vale, attended the prestigious 28th annual, 2018 Global Summit of Women, an international event that has been dubbed "Davos for Women". This year the event was held in Sydney, and Carol joined more than 1,000 global leaders from the private and public sector across 65 countries. The theme this year was: "Women: Creating Economies of Shared Values", and included a Ministerial Roundtable,  Women CEO Forum, Male CEO Forum and Global Women's Leadership Awards Gala Dinner.

"Phenomenal"  is the word Carol would use to describe the experience. The event explored: 

  • How to ensure women's access to digital technology and STEM education
  • Opening up global markets for women's enterprises of all sizes (very relevant to our Indigenous women-led businesses!)
  • Securing alternative energy sources for future growth and protecting our limited natural resources
  • Bridging the gap between economic growth and social inclusion (another very relevant topic for Indigenous Australia).  
  • Creating companies of shared leadership.