The Morning Sky Project Artwork

We have recently commissioned Freeda Roberts of Dunghutti Creations to create a series of paintings which depict what we are all about with our Morning Sky Project. These are the beautiful paintings she came up with!  

We would love to share with you some details about what each one means: 

Painting 1: "Breaking the Cycle" This artwork  represents the disadvantage gap between Indigenous Australians and non-Indigenous Australians. The grey area is the disadvantage cycle we are aiming to break. The bright colours represent the gaps we are trying to close. These gaps are education, employment, life expectancy, housing, and health.

Painting 2: “Women in Business” This artwork shows the endless growth and support from all women in business. It represents the women in big companies, small business and sole traders, showing endless support for each other.

Painting 3: “Educating our Children” This artwork shows the creation of a safe environment which allows the older generation to share their stories, wisdom and knowledge to the younger generation. By passing these stories on, there is a brighter future for the children. This is highlighted by the bright orange colour which shows a path between each gathering group of children.

Painting 4: “Building a Positive Future” This artwork represents each community coming together to build and positive future for our children. The hands in the artwork are facing outwards as it symbolises the reach for a bright future.  The footprints are walking away from the hands because we are going the distance. We are moving beyond our comfort zone to take the next step in building a positive future that we dream about.

So far through The Morning Sky Project, we have facilitated the donation of Aboriginal resources to over 30 schools, we are running our Tiddas in Business networking group, and we are currently in discussions with various stakeholders about initiating a women in business program. More details on this to come soon hopefully!