Statement: Release of Murawin's Retrospective Review of Closing the Gap

Murawin are very pleased to announce that the Retrospective Review of Closing The Gap which we undertook for the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet in 2018 has now been officially released and published on the National Indigenous Australians Agency website. The document can be downloaded at:

Closing the Gap: Retrospective Review

This report informs a retrospective review of the last 10 years of Closing the Gap, and examines and reports on the effectiveness and appropriateness of the overarching Closing the Gap policy framework, with specific attention to critical components of the National Indigenous Reform Agreement (NIRA) in achieving its objectives. This was a massive project and one which we are very proud of; we feel strongly that this piece of work is critical in assisting government in improving outcomes for all Indigenous Australians.

We would like to thank our associates who contributed greatly to this project: Bonnie Vale, Brian Arley, Darren Smith, David Puls, Hazel Vale, Joy Horton, Joyce Graham, Kate Kelleher, Tanyah Nasir and Rebecca McGuinness. We would also like to acknowledge CIRCA, who undertook the literature review for this Review, and Shane Wales, who completed the graphic design work for the project. It certainly was a team effort and we thank everyone who was involved.