Guest Speaker at CSIA Workforce Summit

In August, Carol joined business owner and disability advocate Peter Tully, Dr Ramon Wenzel and Founder and Co-Owner of The Life Cooperative Robyn Kaczmarek, at the CSIA Workforce Summit, speaking on a panel which brought their insights and stories about workforce together. Carol Vale posed a number of hard-hitting questions to the audience about the narrative told when it comes to employing Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. 

“I think that’s the big myth that we need to change, is that when you employ an Aboriginal person, you don’t just get the Aboriginality, you get the technical qualifications and experiences that come with that,” explained Carol. “It is important to position that equally with the Aboriginality. In regard to keeping them in the workplace, it is about enabling both of those parts to their being.”

It was a wonderful day with a focus on cultural awareness, diversity and inclusion, and we thank CSIA for inviting Carol to speak at this event.