Building Strong Intercultural Relationships - Together Ways

Working Together Ways: in the spirit of Makarrata

Galarrwuy Yunupingu talked about the spirit of Makarrata as “…coming together, working together and making peace together.” How can we support a new way forward for Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians? It’s a challenging path to navigate different lenses on history, violence, inequality, stereotypes and strong emotions. What are the skills and capacities we require to be up for the challenge? Walking this path requires courage, creativity, humility, deep listening, truth telling, and a sense of humour! It’s time to step up andstep in to a new way of working; a resilient, respectful Together Way.

 Carol Vale and Michelle Howard are internationally accredited facilitators sharing a professional relationship and friendship through their commitment to modelling strong, flourishing intercultural relationships and their love of the dance floor! With ‘Working Together Way’, they share the learnings of over thirty years working with diverse groups and encourage others to identify their cultural strengths and blind spots, build trust and shift working relationships - laying the path for effective intercultural relationships.

With workshops in most capital cities, Working Together Way uses storytelling, dialogue and creativity to explore the barriers and bridges for working together across cultures, histories and generations. Working Together Way embraces cultural differences whilst recognising the significant role that our own culture and stories play in any work that we do. 

Be part of creating the future; join us in building a new way forward, a Together Way.

Carol Vale is a Dunghutti woman from NSW and has been facilitating complex and intercultural conversations between a range of stakeholders for most of her career. She strongly believes in the issue of reconciliation and social justice and convenes a number of intercultural initiatives joining people together to drive change.

 Born on Palawa country, Michelle Howard has been facilitating and working with groups for over 30 years. Raised a Quaker Her facilitation and community engagement has focused on working with diversity and groups which are harder to engage. She recently captured the learnings from 25 years of practice in a professional development journal “Lessons from the Trough: working authentically with people and groups”.