Happy IWD 2019!

To all our tiddas out there, happy International Women’s Day 2019! Today is a special day, one that rightly deserves the attention it receives across the globe. Today we mark our achievements towards a balanced world, and look to what more we can be doing. We look at how we can together, work towards forging a more gender-balanced world..

Since launching our Tiddas in Business Morning Sky facebook group last year, we now have almost 400 members… each member is an amazing, inspiring woman with her own story to tell. We would like to take this day to thank each and every one of you who supports our Tiddas movement.

Together, we can make a difference in this world. Together, we can change lives and make impacts around us. Women working with women, together, sharing knowledge and wisdom, my goodness that is a powerful thing! What could start out as a small ripple in this world, has the potential to turn into a raging river, and we here at Murawin are absolutely certain that us tiddas working together, are going to continue to achieve across all of our various fields and industries. At a personal level, and as a collective.

So here’s to you tiddas. Remember always, but today especially, that you are an inspiration to those around you, whether you realise it or not. You are making a difference. And you can do this!