Indigenous Perspectives in Urban Development Design

In the past 12 months, several of Murawin’s projects have taken us into an extremely interesting and exciting space… the inclusion and centring of Indigenous perspectives into the urban design of various infrastructure and development projects in the Greater Sydney area.

In recent years, there has been widespread realisation across many industries that there can be incredible social and economic advantages to be gained by including and embracing Indigenous perspectives within urban design. Place design has the potential to significantly alter / direct the narrative of a place, both in the present and going into the future. In the past, the Indigenous voice has been silenced / denied in this space, but times are changing, and incorporating Indigenous designs and perspectives into urban development in the design phases is becoming more and more recognised for its importance.

Since time immemorial Aboriginal people have managed, cultivated and cared for all of the landscapes of this country. Important ties to place through connection to Country exist everywhere and including Indigenous perspectives in urban design ensures that the true narrative of a place is told, both its Indigenous history and colonial history. Acknowledging these dual histories allows communities to understand a place in its entirety, can aid in healing, and helps foster a sense of belonging and community where Aboriginal people can see themselves and feel they belong.

The Murawin team look forward to working on more projects in this space in the coming months.