Queensland and Treaty

We heard this week that the Queensland government has pledged to “reframe its relationship with the state’s Aboriginal and Torres Islander peoples as it paves a path towards a treaty, but admits the process may take years”.

Given the long journey Indigenous Australia is on and has been on in regards to fighting for our rights, this is a step in the right direction for Queensland. 

As an Indigenous business with a home base in Brisbane, Murawin looks forward to hearing the outcomes of the statewide consultations to take place later this year..

Given the NAIDOC theme for this year, Leanne Enoch couldn’t have said it better…“Understanding our past, our shared history… but also telling the truth in all of that, and ensuring that truth then lays the path for the future generations, so Queensland can be the very best it can be”.

We have an opportunity to have a new and strong path for the future generations through Treaty, and achieving this is a day we look forward to seeing realised.

To learn more about what is Treaty, please check out this article.