Our Team

Murawin Consulting works on an associates model, meaning that we draw on Indigenous and non-Indigenous consultants and trainers across the nation.

Murawin is managed by Carol and Greg, who have a collective vision for positive change that includes opportunity for Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples to work collaboratively.


Carol Vale, Managing Director - Consultancy

Carol is a Dunghutti/Gumbaingirr woman from Armidale NSW, who holds a unique position of having grown up on an Aboriginal Mission and experienced the varied complexities still persisting today for many Indigenous people, but who through circumstances and persistence created a career in government spanning three decades. Read More...

Greg McKenzie, Managing Director - Game Enough?

Greg McKenzie has a diverse employment, academic and social background, which contributes to his ability to work across varied professional endeavours. After a number of years in the agricultural and building sectors Greg focused a career in the human services fields of Education (incarcerated youth), Child Protection; Community Development (Aboriginal); and Child Sexual Assault. Read More...


Matthew Hammond, Project Officer - Murawin Consulting

Matthew is Dunghutti and brings a passion for seeing young people be given opportunities that powers them socially, culturally and spiritually. He is strongly committed to working with others to enable equal access to all services for young people.  His passion is based on his own journey of coming from a background of receiving good mentoring and supporting youth through life’s challenges. Matthew has had eight years of experience within the sector working with youth. Firstly as Mentor, then Lead Mentor and finally as Interim Manager of a Youth Drop-in Centre. Over the years Matthew has worked within hospitals, retirement and group homes and childcare centres giving a broad array of experience working with different ages and backgrounds as well as various levels of mental and physically ability. In addition, Matthew grinded out seven years in construction as an electrician adding to his knowledge and ability as an advocate for youth and young people.  Today he also assists in the Murawin projects in project management and community consultations.


Debbie Hoger - Project Officer - Murawin Consulting

Debbie Hoger is a Dunghutti anthropologist with a particular interest in Aboriginal history. After receiving a First Class Honours in Anthropology, Debbie began her career as a Graduate Officer with the QLD Department of the Premier and Cabinet. She then worked in the community and personal histories team at the QLD Department of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Affairs before embarking her career with Murawin in 2016.